Moffett’s Family Restaurant and Chicken Pie Shoppe

What could be more comforting than a chicken pot pie on a rainy afternoon?  Moffett’s Family Restaurant and Chicken Pie Shoppe is hidden in a small shopping plaza amongst many shopping plazas in the area.  The interior resembles a small diner and a country home kitchen.  What I loved most about this place is the incredible deal you get for their pot pie combo.  For only $10.50, you get soup or salad, a chicken pot pie with a side of mashed potatoes and peas, and a fruit pie for dessert.  If you’re really hungry or if you want to share, you can also add a second pot pie for $2 more.  The pot pie came with gravy on top and was full of big chucks of chicken.  The crust wasn’t particularly flaky, but it went well with the gravy.  And if you’re still hankering for more pot pies, you can by their frozen pies to go.

Bread. Pillowy and soft and surprising pretty good with the honey.

Split pea soup. My new favorite soup.

The main event. It really hits the spot.

Boysenberry pie. The crust could have been flakier.  Maybe I should have gotten the apple pie instead.

Moffett’s Family Restaurant and Pie Shoppe

1409 S. Baldwin Avenue

Arcadia, CA  91007


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